Designed specifically for the existing home market, the Grundfos COMFORT System hot water recirculation solution provides you with an economical way to enjoy hot water in an instant from any faucet in your home.

The COMFORT System pump circulates water from the hot water tank to a specialized valve beneath the furthest fixture in the house. The circulator pump and valve take up virtually no space on your hot water tank or under your sink, and installation typically takes less than an hour, so you get the convenience of hot water in an instant, without any time or space challenges. And, you're helping the environment by saving water.



Flow Rate (Q):0 - 6.5 GPM
Head (H):0 - 5 feet
Liquid Temperature:36° F - 150° F (2° C - 66° C)
P max:145 PSI


  • Minimum energy consumption and maximum comfort
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Stress-free maintenance and replacement
  • No need for additional labor to install another plumbing component
  • Diminutive in size, the circulator pump and valve take up little space on the hot water tank or under your sink
  • Proven reliability and the peace of mind of a 30-month warranty
  • Yearly savings on water bills
  • Conserves a vital natural resource by saving up to 12,000 gallons of water per year, per household